Corporate Profile

Telesto depicts a shining satellite which strikes to change and transform. Living up to it's name, Telesto Realty has been focusing on altering the antiquated colonies and communities into urban developments. With expertise and time honoured experience in the field of real estate development, Telesto Realty moves along with the shifting sands of aesthetics and lifestyle to create futuristic residences to reside in.

Inspired from hexagon shaped honeycomb, all their structures bear the elements of a honeycomb in their residences. Each apartment is endowed with the fundamentals of love and harmony to raise happy families.

Each hexagon comprises of six sides which depicts love. Six being the symbol and number which signifies love.

To build landmark homes and innovative structures for people to have comfortable and a prosperous living.

To develop real estates and land so as to harmonize with and respond to the dynamic changes in the socio-economic requirement of the society.

Telesto Realty shines like a lone satellite with Manish Shah as it's leading light, constructing spaces and homes with foresight, innovation, simplicity, expertise and unmatched quality of raw material. it's affinity for detailed perfection and ground breaking technology has resulted in constructing projects in the maxim city of Mumbai and beyond.
Thease are key features that mark the distinctive feature for Telesto Realty.

Telesto Realty has it's inhabitants as it's nucleus, building modern lifestyles and giving people to celebrate life with happiness.

Delivering on promise, Telesto Realty is creating timeless spaces with supreme quality consciousness and on-time delivery, while at the same time protecting it's ecosystem and it's green environs.

Telesto Realty keeps it's investors and residents in the centre of all it's decisions, while drawing up future policies.

Transparency in dealings and adhering to the industry standards are strictly followed by the developer.

We Believe In

Safeguarding the interests of its buyers and stake holders

Forging bonds

Nurturing relationships to grow as a community.

On Time Deliveries

Timely deliveries within the budget.

Key drivers

Adhering to the highest standards of corporate values and ethics

Quality consciousness

Stringent adherence to the internationals standards and quality of raw materials.

Our Team

In-house experts who build happy societies, thereby maximizing profits and growth.

Green Friendly

Constructing buildings and developing landscapes with sustainability and green ventures.


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